WorldBeing’s programs support vulnerable youth, particularly girls and young women, to access their inner wellbeing, unlock their aspirations, and thrive.
Our evidence-based International Programs impact three interdependent factors in wellbeing:

Emotional health

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Physical health

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All WorldBeing programs are developed in locally grounded, community-led thought partnerships.

We prioritize learning from context and lived experience; reciprocal sharing of ideas; and continuous improvement as we work with governments and local partners to innovate, evaluate, and scale.



Aarohan supports tribal youth across Jharkhand, India to build their inner wellbeing and forge a path forward for themselves and their communities.
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Youth First Bihar

WorldBeing’s Youth First program works to foster development ‘from the inside out,’ providing an evidence-based approach to impact the health and education—and positive life trajectory—of India’s adolescent youth.
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The COVID-19 pandemic laid bare an ugly truth: the “digital divide” remains a pervasive reality with often devastating consequences for the poor, particularly youth in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). inREACH is a flexible and self-paced program, designed to be delivered remotely, that supports LMIC high school-age youth mental wellbeing, emotional growth and thriving.
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Girls First - KGBV

Girls First - KGBV empowers marginalized, at-risk adolescent girls attending special government-run residential schools (called “KGBVs”) with knowledge, skills and support to improve their personal resilience and physical health, and to self-advocate for their right to stay in school and delay early marriage.
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Youth First Kenya

Youth First is a teacher-facilitated, school-based program in Kenya that draws from the latest research in resilience, Positive Psychology, and Social-Emotional Learning, in which potential risks or threats to wellbeing are addressed by boosting internal assets and external supports.
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Youth First Rwanda

Youth First Rwanda is a school-based integrated resilience and adolescent health program designed to improve mental and physical wellbeing and education-related outcomes among lower secondary school (S-1) students (ages 13-15).
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