The WorldBeing Approach

The WorldBeing Approach combines grounded knowledge with scientific research. This approach has resulted over 15 years in the WorldBeing Model—a flexible framework that can catalyze contextualization, reciprocal learning and systems change efforts to bring wellbeing to millions of youth.

We believe

...that every person on the planet has valuable knowledge about what it means to be well for them as human beings. And that each person has the capacity to access their own best answers to some of the hardest questions and challenges of life.

...that there are scientific ways to study how to improve wellbeing worldwide—and that by doing this research, crucial learnings can be helpful to us all.

....that supporting wellbeing worldwide is impossible unless we have voices with contextual, personal, lived experience, and also those with evidence of scientific methods—collaborating towards how we can support individual, communal, and global wellbeing.

The WorldBeing Approach + Model

This is the WorldBeing Approach: we facilitate conversations, studies, and collaborations to identify contextual and personal approaches to wellbeing, and combine these with synergistic concepts and methods to improve wellbeing that we—and others—are researching via scientific methods. Over 15 years, we have taken this approach to develop, test, and iterate the WorldBeing Model, in collaboration with communities and leading academics.
The WorldBeing Model offers a multi-disciplinary and integrative approach to developing personal resilience + wellbeing.
The WorldBeing Model represents the building blocks that we have found, over years of research, program experience, and conversations, that are most likely to be applicable across contexts. This Model is designed to be flexible: it undergoes constructive critique and adaptation via participatory processes in each new context. You'll find the WorldBeing Model in action across our programs and efforts worldwide.
“After training, I have learned to handle difficult emotions well. I can easily understand the feelings of others and also give emotional support when needed.”
Youth First Facilitator

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