WorldBeing India Foundation Launches New Aarohan Wellbeing Initiative with The Office of Tribal Welfare, Jharkhand, to Reach Marginalized Youth

May 1, 2024
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BALTIMORE - May 1, 2024—WorldBeing India Foundation has partnered with The Office of the Tribal Welfare Commissioner, Jharkhand, India, to implement a new program that provides marginalized students enrolled in Ashram residential schools across Jharkhand, with education and skills training to improve their mental health and inner wellbeing. 

Aarohan, which translates from Sanskrit as “To Rise,” is an evidence-based program developed by WorldBeing to build  the skills of inner health and wellbeing such as character strengths, emotional intelligence, goal setting, and problem-solving in at-risk youth.

Tribal Welfare Commissioner Shri Ajay Nath Jha of Jharkhand said, “We believe schools have a responsibility not only to promote literacy but also to focus on holistic development of students. This program aims to prepare the students to navigate life’s challenges and continually strive for improvement.”

Nandita Bhatla, Country Director of WorldBeing India, said, “We are pleased to partner with The Office of the Tribal Welfare Commissioner in Jharkhand to support young people in learning new skills that help them overcome adversity, discrimination and poverty. Through our collaboration, we expect to scale up the Aarohan program to reach more than 10,000 youth annually in Ashram residential schools.”


About WorldBeing

WorldBeing is a leader in developing, evaluating and delivering evidence-based inner health and wellbeing programs for vulnerable youth in low- and middle-income countries. With a mission rooted in the belief that inner wellbeing is foundational to global change, WorldBeing is helping youth build the critical skills that are necessary to positively transform their life trajectories and forge a path forward for themselves, their communities and the world. Learn more and support WorldBeing’s wellbeing education programs across South Asia and East Africa at

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