WorldBeing + Steve Leventhal Win International Positive Psychology Award

July 27, 2019
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A history of recognition

WorldBeing Executive Director, Steve Leventhal, was recently awarded the International Positive Psychology Award for Most Outstanding Practitioner at the 2019 World Congress of Positive Psychology.

This award, given bi-annually to a practitioner who has shown outstanding excellence and impact in advancing the practices of positive psychology in ethical and evidence-based ways, is the result of his nomination and selection by experts in the field.

Steve Leventhal received the award during the 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology in Melbourne, Australia. This global gathering of leading researchers and practitioners focuses on the latest research and best practices in positive psychology. Steve was also selected to present one of the welcoming keynote addresses at the event.

The International Positive Psychology Association Awards Program began in 2011 to recognize the accomplishments of leaders who make important contributions to the field of positive psychology.

“We’ve documented extensive evidence supporting our unique approach towards transforming the emotional resilience, mental and physical wellbeing, and education of youth in some of the most challenging and oppressive circumstances. I’ve gotten to know many of the participants in our programs, and their stories about the changes they are able to catalyze in their own lives and the lives of people and communities around them are as powerful as the data.”
Steve Leventhal

A testament to results

This award, bestowed every two years, recognized WorldBeing’s transformative work in global development and evidence-based, ethical practices in positive psychology around the world. WorldBeing’s ongoing programs include deployments in India and Africa that will soon affect more than 2.5 million participants.

Proven enablers of change

As a global non-profit organization that works ‘from the inside out’ to improve well-being among vulnerable youth worldwide, WorldBeing utilizes a proven approach and integrated tool-kit to achieve measureable results. This resilience-based approach teaches the skills that empower youth to thrive—not just survive—when faced with significant adversity.

Numerous studies, including large-scale randomized controlled trials, have documented the powerful impact that WorldBeing’s programs are providing on the mental and physical wellbeing and education of youth.

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