How Inner Development can help underserved communities address global challenges to ChangeNOW

May 15, 2023
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The ChangeNOW conference is the largest event of solutions for the planet.

This annual event brings together over 35,000 attendees together to address pressing issues and effective strategies around climate, resources, biodiversity, and inclusion. This diverse audience includes:

  • Leading Policymakers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Investors
  • Companies
  • NGOs
  • Citizens
  • And more

The 6th edition of this gathering took place in Paris, France from May 25 through 27, 2023.


Fireside chat reveals the value of Inner Well-being and Strength

At theChangeNOW event, WorldBeing CEO Steve Leventhal was interviewed by journalist Laura-Jane Gautier of Impact TV & Radio in a program segment focused on Inner Development Goals For Global Action.

Other leaders participated in a panel in this segment and included:

  • Antoinette Klatzky | VP Programs + Partnerships, Eileen Fisher Foundation
  • Otto Scharmer | Founder, Presencing Institute

A unique perspective of change through inner development

In the “fireside chat” interview at ChangeNOW, Steve shared his views on how action is needed to successfully achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

Based on the measurable results that WorldBeing programs have delivered in India and Africa, he emphasized the need to strengthen the inner well-being of underserved youth—including adolescent girls—to deal with the significant social and ecological challenges in front of them.

By developing and nurturing inner strength through leaders, institutions, companies, and communities, effective change can be enabled to impact and improve lives. WorldBeing’s structured and proven methods for Inner Development continue to demonstrate how sustainable, measurable change can be delivered in communities in need around the world.

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