Mimi Ishio

Mimi Ishio is a dynamic entrepreneur and investor with a passion for creating a positive impact in the world. After studying at the University of Illinois and graduating from Konan University, she started her career with a consulting firm which is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Later she worked in a Public Relations Consulting firm before forming her own ventures in 2010. She founded an English language school, and her own consulting company. Her newfound independence extended to organizing high level governmental events, supporting medical seminars in various countries, and establishing a platform for international job placement.

In 2018 Ms. Ishio made her family her main priority, entering a semi-retirement phase focused on family time. Inspired by the birth of her daughter shortly after the East Japan earthquake, she emphasized the importance of cherishing "the time of life" and advocated quality time with loved ones, a theme she shares through her speaking engagements.

Mimi is an investor in several startups. She also serves as an advisor to a dozen other companies. She is a regular participant in live broadcasts alongside corporate executives and global consultants, addressing audiences from 200 to 20,000 mainly in Japan, Taiwan, and China.

In 2023, Ms. Ishio established a Members Only Club to conduct various charitable activities both domestically and internationally. The club has donated to over fifty organizations thus far.

A snapshot of some of Ms. Ishio’s activities since her twenties include supporting medical institutions, aiding children worldwide, packing holiday gifts for children in over a hundred countries, contributing to rehabilitation efforts for child soldiers in Africa, installing water facilities in Vietnam, engaging in dog rescue activities, supporting adoption agencies, financially assisting aspiring women, and providing funding to struggling companies on the verge of bankruptcy. Ms. Ishio's diverse philanthropic initiatives showcase her dedication to making a positive impact to human beings all over the world on various fronts.